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The Perfect Garden Hose®The Perfect Garden Hose® - Garden Hose. Garden Hoses are in many colors - Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Grey, Beige

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About Us

JGB Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1977 as a high quality assembler and supplier of industrial and hydraulic hoses and hose accessoriesJGB Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1977 as a supplier of industrial and hydraulic hoses and hose accessories.

Our company has grown to service a broad variety of national customers including the automotive, marine, petroleum, dairy, construction, and defense industries. Our customers also include paper manufacturers, steel mills, and chemical companies, among a host of others.

JGB services the needs of the United States Armed Forces, NATO, and various Foreign Military Services throughout the world. 

We provide all types of OEM spare parts, accessories and components used in Aerospace, Ground Support and Shipboard applications.  In addition, we supply Engineered Systems of our fabrication.

Now, through our product innovation, JGB has advanced the consumer product market with the new The Perfect Garden Hose, a professional grade hose available to the consumer market.

We are distributing our Perfect Garden Hose® to hardware retailers, national catalogs, Internet retailers, and independent nurseries, landscapers, greenhouses, etc.

The company's corporate headquarters, administrative and sales offices are located in Liverpool, New York.  The company also has offices in Buffalo, NY, Charlotte, NC, and St. Louis, MO.