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The Perfect Garden Hose®The Perfect Garden Hose® - Garden Hose. Garden Hoses are in many colors - Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Grey, Beige

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Un-kinkable Hose

Hoses can get heavy when you have to drag them from bed to bed, and kinks in the line reduce the flow of water and take time to straighten out. JGB Enterprises offers a solution to these problems
with the Tuff Guard “Perfect Garden Hose.” First of all, it’s woven fiber core is very lightweight—
35 to 50 percent lighter than conventional garden hoses. And the outside is wrapped with a flexible
helix coil that prevents kinking, and provides protection from crushing. Visit to locate a dealer near you.

A contributing editor for The American Gardener, Rita Pelczar lives in North Carolina. She is the editor-in-chief of the AHS’s Homegrown Harvest (Mitchell Beazley/Octopus USA, 2010).

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